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Sunday, November 4, 2012, was crowned Miss Universe® Romania in 2012. For the second time the competition’s history, the crown is won by a girl from Brasov. Delia Monica Duca is the one that will represent Romania at the Miss Universe® international final, which will take place on December 19 in Las Vegas, USA. Delia is 26 years old, holds a degree in computer science and a master’s degree in algorithms and software. The jury included: Monica Tatoiu – President Foundation “We read” Dan Nanoveanu – Artistic Director Neptun TV, Valentina Pelinel – top international model, Mihai Belu – General Investigations and surveillance company, Larisa Popa – Miss Universe® Romania 2011 , Liron Mizrahi – Grand Casino owner, Luminita Iordanescu – artistic director, Leon Arhire – General MTR Press, Cristina Cristina Savulescu Savulescu- Designs Creative Director, Isabel Buganu – IB & Elan Representative Team, Raluca Manta – Chief Euphoria Fashion, Cristiana Gavrila- Marketing Radio Zu. Eight titles were given: Miss Universe® Romania 2012 – Delia Monica Duca, 26 years, Brasov 1st Runner Up – Carmen Grosu – 19 years, Bucuresti 2nd Runner Up – Nicoleta Cristina Nutu – 22 years, Bucuresti 3rd Runner Up – Ioana Mihalache – 21 years, […] Read More
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