Partnership conditions

  • Our company is a B2B company.
  • Our products can only be purchased all sizes for each type.
  • One betch has the following sizes: S, M, L & XL.
  • Minimum order is of 1000 lei. ( 225 €, $250 )
  • Our partners will have exclusivity in malls or in town deppending on the monthly achieved merchandise and the marketing representing our brand.
  • We offer promotional catalogues on every change of season and we are open to new partnerships for promoting the brand in town and also thru posters, commercial banners or other agreed choices being able to invest 50% of the total amount.
  • Every product will be delivered with its own bag.
  • Please verify first by phone the conditions of exclusivity in your town before ordering.
  • Our stocks are limited and our old, reliable customers with big orders as well as the ones that will pay at the delivery will have priority.
  • Orders can be made before leaving patterns of production, or after completion of production based on remaining stock.
  • The clients that will want to use different methods of payment (only checks accepted), will receive the merchandise left after the delivering the cash orders.
  • At clients request some of the best sell models can be pre-ordered without the possibility to cancel the order.
  • Any attempt to copy the models or other partnerships with any producers with similar products, will end the collaboration and he will bear legal requirements.
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